13-February-2007 - Cyberload for download!

And when you thought the staff of had given up... we bring you the Cyberload mastering program. Thanks a lot to Trooper for giving it to me for releasing on this page. Yes, it really IS the genuine Cyberload creation utility. The archive comes with docs and a sample .tap created by Trooper and can be downloaded HERE. Enjoy :)
17-April-2006 - 85 new tapes!

It's been quiet a while now, but seems we're back in business. :) Mason has added 85 new tapes to the site and seems to be highly motivated to add some more. So expect more updates in near future. I will also try start adding some stuff again myself. - SLC
04-August-2005 - 1600 tapes!

Hehe, no news updates for the last 100 additions! That's right, we have reached 1600 tapes online due to the hard work of many people. Tape 1600 is Atomix - another cool title. Onward to 1700!!!!! - Peepo
12-June-2005 - 1500 tapes!

Hello! I decided to do a small update today in order to bring the number of tapes online to the magic 1500 mark. Game 1500 is Rubicon which I think is a nice title to use for this milestone. I know the updates have been slow lately, but please be aware that lots of work is still being done behind the scenes. Also, it's summer! I know I'd rather be out in the sun than sitting in front of this damn PC. So there you have it, keep checking back for updates as this site has lots of life left in it :) - Peepo.
10-April-2005 - Somewhat big changes about to happen

Dear visitors of Some of you have been with us for quite some time now, and I know this site has been well visited. Due to several reasons, we have now decided to cut down on the database. In short, this means we will focus mainly on the files. Why you ask? Well, several reasons. First of all, it doesn't seem like the feature of extra information is that much used. It's a lot of work to maintain, and it takes the motivation from us. There is also a lot of discussions on the standards and different people wanting to do stuff different ways. Other projects are also starting to do a lot of the same stuff as we would be providing in the detailed info area, and since neither me or Peepo is very motivated for this, competing with other sites does it even less motivating. So in short, you could say that we simply throw away all the boring parts of this work and keeps the fun parts. Thank you for your understanding on this matter, it is really the only way the site can be kept alive. - SLC

07-March-2005 - Functionality added

An infopage for the tapedetails are ready now, so infopages should shortly start being visible for games allready added. The current detailed page only shows the details of the tapes, but more will follow. Note: This is in no means finished, there's still a lot more of planned functions to come. So please stop discussing what this site needs or not in the forum until you see what's actually planned ;) I hope the info pages and the new way of listing the images will be enjoyed :) - SLC
19-February-2005 - 20 more

20 games added today, all dumped by Mason. We should have enough tapes to reach 1500, but after that it looks like things may slow down, at least for a while anyway. I still have lots of tapes to dump myself and I know that Mason has a bunch due to arrive - so if you have some undumped tapes and want to contribute to the site - get TAPing! (See the forum for more details on what is needed/acceptable) - If you have many taps to upload, I can give you an FTP login to upload them. I will hopefully be putting a list on the forum soon of tapes that have been dumped but not yet added to the site due to not being recognised by Final Tap or other issues, which I think will be a good way to let people know what may be coming in the future. Now I'm off to the rugby :) C'mon the Ospreys!! ;) - Peepo.
17-February-2005 - A few more

15 games added today, all dumped by Mason. I'm gonna get an early night as I have a bad cold - again! - Peepo.
13-February-2005 - Bring it on!

Another 37 tapes added for your enjoyment! Today we have tapes dumped by Matthew Sault, Antares and Kev Keung. I'm sure you'll agree there are some nice ones amongst this bunch! Huge thanks to ALL you contributors for continuing to help this collection grow - There's a lot more to come as well! Enjoy! - Peepo.
11-February-2005 - Saulty day!

Finally found time to add some games this evening! Life has been hectic to say the least lately, but we will keep going! All 17 games were dumped by Matthew Sault (Thanks!) and they include some "Golden Oldies". Some other people have been busy dumping tapes as well, so expect the additions to continue. I'd like to thank regular visitors for being patient, more will be added soon I promise! - Peepo.
13-December-2004 - A few more!

Added another 19 games this evening. All dumped by Mason except for Potty Pigeon which was dumped by Pugsy! - A few requests on the forum for that one so enjoy it! :) - Peepo.
9-November-2004 - Another late night!

Damn, it's 1:00am again! The things I have to do to keep the tapes comin'! We reached 1350 tapes this evening/morning - I hope you all think it's worth the effort! - Time for some sleep. Enjoy! - Peepo.
2-November-2004 - Burnt out!!

I have gone a bit nuts adding tapes over the last few days. I lost count of how many I added, but the total online now is 1285! That is some achievment I think! All dumps have been by Mason. Still quite a few to add, and I know Mason has a few boxfulls to be getting on with soon, so I'll battle on. Enjoy! - Peepo.
31-October-2004 - Now we're motoring!!

Added another 30 games this evening/morning, some under the influence of alcohol - so apologies if links are broken etc. ;) Enjoy! - Peepo.
28-October-2004 - MORE, MORE, MORE!!

I managed to find a little time this evening to add some games (Gonna get in trouble with the wife!). 50 new additions to enjoy, all dumped by Mason. I have also replaced a few games due to the on-going development and bug squashing of Final Tap. You can find details of the games that have been replaced on the forum. Time to sneak into bed! - Peepo.
30-September-2004 - Keeping busy!

Another 25 games added today. All dumps by Mason. I have another 100+ games dumped by Mason that I have cleaned and are ready to add to the site, so the updates won't dry up for a little while yet! Enjoy! - Peepo.
28-September-2004 - A few more

15 games added today. Dumps from Bo Kvamme, Mason and Tomcat. Enjoy! - Peepo.
26-September-2004 - Keeping busy!

What do we have here? Another 30 games, that's what! All dumps again by Mason. Keep up the good work everybody! - Peepo.
23-September-2004 - Reality can be a pain!

Hello again! 10 tapes added today, 3 dumped by Bo Kvamme and the rest by Mason! Thanks guys! I must apologise for the lack of updates in the last month, but some real-life issues have crept upon me and so I had to take a break from all the C-64 stuff for a while. Things are still not back to normal, so I will be posting small updates as and when I get a few spare hours. In other great news, Subchrist has resumed work on Final Tap. So you can be sure there will be plenty of updates to come. I will try and keep a steady trickle of new TAPs appearing on the site for all you hungry 64'ers out there. Thanks for checking by - don't forget to visit the forum for the latest gossip! - Peepo.
23-August-2004 - Pop the champagne! Tape number 1000 is added!

The site has been lying dead for a few days now, a lot because I requested to have the honour of adding tape number 1000 on this site myself ;) It went really fast thanks to some very active members of our staff. Keep up the good work everyone. - SLC
14-August-2004 - Nearly!!!

23 games added today. Dumps by myself, Mason & Mayhem! That takes the total number of tapes online here to 999!! Now that's good going don't you think? Keep checking back for that all important tape #1000!! - Peepo.
13-August-2004 - A couple of additions!

14 games added today, dumped by myself. Some are duplicates of games previously added to the site, but they use different loaders. Still plenty to add, but spare time is not something I have a lot of at the moment. Keep checking back though! - Peepo
5-August-2004 - More additions!

Another 20 games added today. All dumped by Mason, except for Gazza II, which was dumped by Pugsy! Thanks! - Peepo
31-July-2004 - Another late night!

Another 55 games added today, all dumped by Mason. It's 2am here, so I think I need some sleep. Almost at the magic 1000! Stay posted! - Peepo
25-July-2004 - Need more?

Another 48 games added today, all dumped by Mason. What do you mean you want more? Surely you haven't completed all the others yet? ;) Almost at 900 games online....onward! - Peepo
24-July-2004 - More additions.

10 games added today. They were again dumped by Mason! - Peepo
22-July-2004 - Maintenance Day.

After re-scanning ALL the taps on the site, it was discovered that a few of the taps had minor errors. These have all now been fixed by myself and SLC. You should re-download the following games to get the fixed versions: Afterburner, Bangkok Knights, Crazy Comets, Hostages, Moon Buggy, R-Type, The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, Joe Blade, Poster Paster, Starquake & Zim Sala Bim. Also added another 10 oldies, again dumped by Bo Kvamme. Thanks! - Peepo
21-July-2004 - Golden Oldies?

9 tapes added today, including some "Golden Oldies" - Well, maybe not so Golden ;) Anyway, all additions were dumped by Bo Kvamme, so many thanks to him for preserving them for us!
20-July-2004 - Will they ever stop?!?

28 tapes added today, taking the total online to over 800 titles! Once again all additions were dumped by Mason. - Peepo
18-July-2004 - They just keep on comin'!

A total of 73 tapes added today! Once again all additions were dumped by Mason. - Peepo
15-July-2004 - Another trickle!

Another 10 games added to keep you guys going. All additions again dumped by Mason. - Peepo
14-July-2004 - More tapes!

Another 23 games added, including the much requested Gunship! All additions again dumped by Mason. That makes a total of 700 tapes online, another milestone! - Peepo
12-July-2004 - Keeping busy!

Another 10 games added today. Lack of time prevented me adding more (I need to sleep!) All additions again dumped by Mason. Another update tomorrow hopefully :-D - Peepo
11-July-2004 - More additions!

Another 36 games added today, all dumped by Mason. Believe me, there are still lots to come! - Peepo
5-July-2004 - Replacements!

Spy vs Spy 3: Arctic Antics and Roadrunner And Wile E. Coyote (both from Hitec Software) are replaced with some fixes to the pulsethresholds. Please re-download these. - SLC
4-July-2004 - A small request!

I forgot to add a game requested by one of our most prolific tape dumpers, Mason! So Skate Wars has now been added. Enjoy! - Peepo
3-July-2004 - Tape Overload!

There is no stopping us at the moment! Another 40 tapes added today! That's 74 in 2 days, and we're not finished yet! =) - Peepo
2-July-2004 - More new tapes added!

Yep, that's correct! Another 34 tapes added for your enjoyment. More to come soon so keep checking back! - Peepo
1-July-2004 - New tapes added!

And finally what you've been waiting for. New additions on the website. Let's hope it won't take that long until next time. All tapes added today are from Mason and there's LOTS more to come.
28-June-2004 - Correction!

Two guys pointed out to me that a link was broken, and indeed it was. ;) The title was not even supposed to be in that list, so it's now gone again but will reappear shortly in another list. Just have patience ;) (You didn't miss any TAP-files anyway, because it was supposed to link to the very same file as the other version of Kung-Fu Master). I could still want some more reactions to the site, though... =)
23-June-2004 - New database online!

The goal of fixing up the entire database before throwing it online seemed to be too ambitious, so instead we decided to update as we go on. You will probably realise that the database is quite incomplete and in some cases faulty. Some files have been renamed, some more WILL be renamed. All the previous tapes will be said to be added the 23rd of May. This is no fault, but it's actually the day the tapes were added to the new database.

You will also find that the detailed infopages are missing. These will eventually come back with even more detailed info than ever. This is something that will be worked on later, but for now we gave the implementation of the new database the highest priority so that we could actually get the site up and running as normal again.

If you find any broken links or other problems with the new system, PLEASE inform us. It's important that we are told about problems as fast as possible so we can maintain a fully functional site. Please consider giving us a feedback on the site and tell us what you like about it and what you don't like. To make it easier I've made a simple (and butt ugly ;) ) form HERE that you can submit comments through. Thanks in advance.

That should be all. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything, but if so I will most likely add a new newsitem ;) I hope you enjoy what we're doing with the site in the future. - SLC

16-May-2004 - Site changes!

You might have noticed there's been some time since last update. We haven't forgotten you, but we are currently changing the databaselayout on our site in order to provide an even better archive which will give you even more exact and detailed info. This is going to take a while, and we've decided not to do any more updates before this system is ready to save ourselves for a lot of extra work. We apologize for this delay, but it's for the cause of a better site. :) - SLC

03-May-2004 - Site moved location!

Site has moved to another server, so if you should find anything to be malfunctioning, please notify me. There shouldn't be any problems, but we may have overlooked something. Thanks to "magster" (the previous server) for more than four years of faithful service.

06-April-2004 - 39 new tapes!

Yeah, yeah! :) I know it took some time, but when you all of a sudden get no less than 39 new images to enjoy this easter, you have to admit it was worth the wait? ;) All images supplied by Mason who has become VERY active with dumping tapes lately. Go for it pal!

14-March-2004 - 21 new tapes!

Another update. We passed 500 TAPs online today. This batch was supplied by Mason and Pugsy. More to come...

01-March-2004 - 11 new tapes!

And once again an update, this time with 11 titles supplied by Pugsy and Mason. If we're lucky we'll have even one more update this week! ;) Enjoy!

29-February-2004 - Back in business! 7 new tapes!

FINALLY we're back on track. After a 8 month period with no updates at all, we're INDEED back. This time with 7 titles dumped by Mason, and he is currently dumping more tapes as we speak so expect quite a few updates in the next weeks/months. Ahhh.. it's GOOD to be back! Let there be tapes for EVERYONE!

04-August-2003 - Status of the site!

You guys may have noticed that the site has been dead for the last two months. This was first because I needed a break, and Peepo has been busy working on IRL-stuff. Now I regret to inform you that the updates will still be delayed a bit. This is due to a burglary I had here the 30th of july. A lot of stuff was stolen, and my computer was trashed by the burglars. The harddrives seems to be in quite good shape, so I will HOPEFULLY be able to save the TAP-related material from them, but until I can afford a new computer there's not much I can do with this. Sorry! But the site is not given up... NEVER! Hang in there... more stuff WILL come.


03-June-2003 - Peepo is now a co-admin!

Peepo is now the co-admin of this site and will be doing some of the updates from now on. Give him a warm applause! :) He already did his first batch of 6 tapes last night so the site is up to 441 images now. Once again I just want to say... Enjoy! :)

02-June-2003 - Update!

The past days, there's been a lot of additions here. Check out the list yourself. There are now 435 images online on the site. Enjoy! Thanks to Bo Kvamme and Zer0-X for contributing with TAP-files this time.

15-May-2003 - Update!

It's been done a 24 TAP-update on the site now. IMPORTANT: Some of these TAPs will not detect reliably in FinalTAP. This is NOT a fault in the TAP-files. It will be possible to detect them increasing the tolerance-level but they will after optimizing have incorrect pulsevalues. I must stress that this is NOT a flaw in FinalTAP, but rather a problem caused by different usage of loaders from the softwarecompanies who mastered them. A workaround is being considered. More updates will follow next week. If anyone wondered, we're up to 382 TAP-files now.

15-May-2003 - Newsflash! (sort of)

From now on, I will just add files whenever I feel like it and will not necessarily mention them here. I suspect that you rarely check the news-section anyway. :) Thanks to Peepo for keeping up the contributions to make the updates possible. I might eventually write a weekly 'report' on amount of updates if anyone cares. Please do also make use of the forum so that we can have a small community going. If anyone feels that this decision is a wrong to make, please DO contact me. I won't necessarily re-decide, but it gives me an idea of what people think anyway. Enjoy the upcoming titles. There are MANY classics there...

5-May-2003 - 29 new tapes!

29 new images! All from Peepo! Keep up the good work. More great titles to come at some point. At latest they'll come next week. Enjoy!

25-April-2003 - 11 new tapes!

11 new images added! JUST when you thought I had given up this site, but that won't happen ;) I also rewrote the convert-article a bit, and it should be a bit cleaner now. Thanks to Peepo and Matthew Sault for making this update possible. :)

11-April-2003 - 18 new tapes!

18 new images added today, thanks to Peepo and Matthew Sault for contributing. Not much more to say, really. Just enjoy the site! =)

08-April-2003 - Re-upload of Super Hang-On

Re-uploaded Super Hang-On, now with both sides :) That was quite embarrassing. Thanks to Michael for pointing it out. I'll try to not do this again.

03-April-2003 - 300 tapes online!!

I wanted to post a news-message here to inform you that we now have reached 300 tape-images online! This means it's added 58 tapes the last two days! :) Thanks to Peepo, Subchrist and Matthew Sault for contributing aswell. You won't see any more updates until after the weekend now, but I think I have deserved a small break! ;) - SLC
02-April-2003 - Adding tapes

I have now finished dumping all my tapes, and also started getting contributions from other people. If you are interested in contributing, get in touch for details. Note: I do NOT accept any downloaded tapes. I also wanted to post this newsmessage to tell you that I won't update news when I add tapes the next few days, simply because I don't feel like it ;) You will easily find newly added tapes by using the sort-by-date option in the list. I have no idea how many games that will be added during the next period, but I'll sum it up for the ones interested when I'm done :)

28-March-2003 - Added a FORUM!
A forum was added today. Hope you will use it a lot :) Not much more to say about this.

28-March-2003 - 20 new tapes!

And we keep going. :) I also forgot to mention an 8 tape-update here the other day, sorry about that, but it appears that some of you allready found out anyway ;) Next update will probably not take place until after the weekend, so enjoy this one and stay tuned for more.

24-March-2003 - 7 new tapes!

7 more tapes added. Not much to say about this update. One or two more updates this weeks is very likely. Stay tuned! :)

20-March-2003 - 38 new tapes! (!)

Yeah, that's right... today I've added no less than 38 tapes, making a total of 207 online if I'm not too wrong. I hope you enjoy them. :)

15-March-2003 - 7 new tapes!

Okey, and back we were... :) 7 new tapes added, and a few of them are quite some classics I think. :) Enjoy. -SLC

11-March-2003 - 10 new tapes!

A new batch of games online. Not much to say... find out for yourself what it is! ;) This might be the last update before friday/saturday. But fear not, I promise to return :)

10-March-2003 - Correction!

The game "Basketball" was renamed to "GBA Championship Basketball" in the database, and copyrightinfo added. To avoid unneccesary confusion, the filename stays the same.

10-March-2003 - Added 12 tapes!

12 new TAPs added, two errors in the php-scripts corrected, and it's your webmaster's birthday. ;) Next update can be expected during the week. Have fun!

06-March-2003 - NEW DESIGN!!! =)

FINALLY a new design has arrived. Thanks a lot to Patrick Gule for that. I will most likely be experimenting a little with this in the future, so it may not be final. I hope you like it. At least I think it's a lot nicer than the old design. Now it's also possible to sort by loadertype in the tapelist. If anyone experiences any problems or have suggestions for changes, please mail me. While I were at it, I also added 9 new TAPs, making a total of 140. :) - SLC

05-March-2003 - Added 11 tapes!

Seems like I managed to do an update today too. :) 11 new classic pearls created (almost) just for you ;) This should make a total of 131 titles online. For one week of uptime, I think that's rather good. Keep checking back for more:) - SLC

04-March-2003 - Added 14 tapes!

Once again I bring you a new batch of tapes... Been rather active the last few weeks, haven't I? :) Please don't expect the updates to be as often as this, because it really IS timeconsuming and tiring in the long run. Ofcourse I won't stop adding until I'm done, but I won't guarrantee more than perhaps once a week. Future will show. Now it should be 120 images in total, and there's still more where it came from. :) So stay tuned for more...
03-March-2003 - Added 30 tapes!

I didn't manage to finish the planned upload on friday, but I make it up to you again now by adding 30 new tapes today. As you can see, I've added most of my Mastertronic-tapes and a few others. The ones remaining will follow some time in the future. They need to be analyzed first. At this time there are 106 tapes online. :) Enjoy! More to come shortly!

27-February-2003 - Added more tapes

A few more games added. Probably one more update will be done before the weekend. Enjoy! :) -SLC

27-February-2003 - Added an article on how to do proper TAP-files

In the convert-section, I've now added an article on how to make proper TAP-files. If you are a new/inexperienced/want-to-be TAP-maker, please read it. It may contain valuable advice for you. The article is based on my own experiences, discussions, etc. during the past 3 years. - SLC
26-February-2003 - New update...

A few more tapes has been added. Hopefully, there will also come a small batch tomorrow before I take the weekend off. But for the true enthusiast, it should allready now be plenty of fun here. :) Tell your friends about this site, and keep checking back. Remember, you can always sort by date on the gamelist to easier find out what's added when...

25-February-2003 - And the first batch of games is online AGAIN...

Yes, that's right. We're BACK! This time I'm more confident than ever that the site will stay up and no TAP-files will ever be taken down. Please enjoy these classic pearls. All of them are nicely cleaned up, and all are dumped several times to compare the dumps. EVEN IF THE LOADERS HAVE CHECKSUMS! As you can understand, I have been working harder than ever with these TAP-files, and I hope it pays off. :) - SLC