The ULTIMATE C64 Tape Page

Welcome to The ULTIMATE C64 Tape Page. One of a handful sites which specializes in Commodore 64 tapes. On this site, you will find tape-images (.TAP-files) of many good old classics. They have been carefully cleaned up and tested. If you want to know the process these TAP-files have been through, please check the "convert"-part of this site.

Please note that this site now has it's own FORUM. I hope it will be used and appreciated a lot.


A BIG thank you to following people, because without you, this site would never have made its way to the surface:

  • Patrick Gule (For the current design of this site)
  • Stewart Wilson (For FinalTAP, IRC-sessions and a lot of patience)
  • Markus Brenner (For mtap, ptap, taps and a lot of patience)
  • Richard Storer (For info and cleaner)
  • Ben Castricum (For info and CIA :) )
  • Alex Martin (For donating more than 60 original tapes)
  • Andreas Kristiansen (For donating piles of original tapes)
  • Jukka Kauppinen (For donating piles of original tapes)
  • Stian Lindhom (For donating some tapes)
  • Pål Gunnar Sletsjøe (For donating some tapes)
  • Terje Bakken (For webspace and hosting)
  • Dag Stenstad (For webspace)
  • Trooper (For contributing with the Cyberload loading system)
  • The guys at (For helping with PHP and MySQL)

If anyone feel that they're left out and deserve to be on the list, send a mail to SLC.